Session 12 – Share Your Shelves

Now, let’s explore some other ways of sharing your Shelves with other users (and non-users). From any of your 3 Shelves you can see the options for sharing. Hover over each icon for an explanation of what it means.

Tip: To share a sub-set of a Shelf only – for example, “Books I’ve read by Margaret Atwood” — simply filter your shelf by an available facets and then click on the icon for the method you want to share by.

12.1 Share by Email

Let’s say you have a friend without a library card you’d like to share your Completed Shelf with. This is easily accomplished with BiblioCommons’ built-in share by email function.

Task: Email your Completed Shelf.

  • Click on the email icon to send a link of your Shelf to a friend.

12.2 – Share By Facebook, etc.

You don’t actually have to do this if you don’t want to, but just know that it’s possible. Featuring items on social networking and messaging sites, like Facebook and Twitter, is a relatively new and interesting way for libraries to elevate their profiles within their communities.

Task: Post your Completed Shelf on Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • Again, go to My Shelves>Completed, or to a particular list that you have created, or even a specific item record page.
  • Click on the appropriate icon (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). You’ll have a chance to edit whatever sharing options are offered by the social networking site you’re connecting with.

12.3 Add a Comment to a Comment

BiblioCommons will soon be adding a Reply to Comment feature. But in the meantime, don’t be shy about commenting on another user’s comment.

You can do this by simply starting your comment with a direct address to the user, like:

“Hey [user]! I completely agree with your incisive and witty comment.”

Also, the ‘@’ symbol has been gaining popularity lately as a means of getting the attention of particular users on group messaging services, mostly due to its clever implementation on Twitter. You could try using it like this:

“@[user]: I completely disagree with your ill-informed and poorly worded comment.”

Task: Contribute to a discussion around an item.

  • Find an item with lots of comments (go back to Twilight, if you can’t think of anything else).
  • Try responding to a comment by another user.