Session 1 – Getting Started

This is not an instruction manual, but a sampling tour. The point is not to instruct as much as it is to expose you to the range of possibilities enabled by the BiblioCommons environment.

Most importantly, we’re hoping to encourage everyone to simply explore, experiment – and create! If nothing else, it will give you a good understanding of the experience that your library’s own users will be facing as you roll out. No one taught millions of users how to use Facebook, or Amazon or eBay, they just clicked here, clicked there, and figured it out over time.

For those who are interested in digging deeper, you’ll also find optional Go Further tasks and a fair amount of explanatory text that will give you some understanding of why certain actions function as they do. We’d strongly encourage you, however, to always DO before you read!

If needed, there are Help resources embedded throughout the OPAC. We also welcome comments, questions or suggestions through our feedback box at the bottom of the page.

More information on help resources and feedback

Task: Discover the menu options.

  • Mouse over each of the menus to get a sense of what’s available. You don’t need to click through on any of the links just yet, since subsequent sessions will take you through most of the available functionality.

Task: Log in. You’ll be prompted to register.

Hint: You’ll find the link roughly in the same location you do on most sites (i.e. Google, Facebook, Yahoo). This is one of the core tenets of the BiblioCommons user experience design: use and evolve with the conventions of the Web that set users’ expectations for how things work.

You now have your very own username. You can use either this username or your barcode to sign in to the site from this point forward. While you – and some of our most frequent users – may have memorized their 14 digit bar codes, most haven’t and find entering this code cumbersome.

Tip: The system defaults to displaying the username you select on registration alongside any content you contribute. If you would prefer to have your real name displayed as some users do (on sites like Amazon) you can change the default display in Settings.

Why does BiblioCommons require users to register?

Why is age requested?

Why is the system showing a wrong age. What can I do about it?

Who is BiblioCommons?