Quick Start Guide

This guide will briefly introduce BiblioCore so you can start using it right away. If you want a more thorough look at what you can do or more information about how it works, check out the Partner Portal Knowledge Base!

Register Your Card

BiblioCore requires patrons to register their account to allow us to access their account information in your ILS

Find Something to Borrow

BiblioCore allows patrons to find titles in different ways that accomodate a range of search styles.

Keyword Search

  • Searches the Title, Author and Subject fields for key words
  • Use facets to limit to your preferred format

Broadened Search

  • Searches all MARC fields for keywords
  • Search for an item by plot keywords, and broaden the search

Smart Search

  • Recognizes facet keywords and conducts a faceted search instead of a keyword search
  • Facet keywords:
    • Language (e.g. French, Persian, Spanish, Telugu)
    • Format (e.g. CDs, Movies, Unknown, All)
    • Age Categories (e.g. Kids, Adult, Teen)
    • New

Want to Learn More?

Watch our search tutorials

Request an Item

Core is optimized to allow patrons convenient access to all the relevant information they need to place holds on library materials.

Log In to BiblioCore

  • Patrons select a username at registration
  • Patrons can log in with either a username or barcode

Placing Holds

  • Items display availability at a glance on the search screen
  • Patrons can place hold requests while in an item record or from the search results page
  • If one-click holds are enabled, the hold will automatically be sent to the patron's home branch
  • Holds can be cancelled wherever they are placed

Borrow eBooks

  • BiblioCore allows users to download eBooks directly from the catalog!
  • Checked out eBooks can be seen with regular checkouts under My Borrowing

Update Your Information

BiblioCore allows users to easily update their account information and provides control over a wide range of privacy and convenience features

Basic Information

  • Add or update your email address
  • Update your username
  • Change your pin

Account Preferences

Patrons can:

  • Update their holds and Pickup Location
  • Change their display language
  • Change community content preferences
  • Enable or disable Borrowing History - Note: Once borrowing history is disabled, it will be deleted from your ILS

Shared vs. Private in Core

  • Whenever a patron posts content to BiblioCore, a notice appears describing whether it is private or shared
  • By default, all content is shared

Change Privacy Settings

  • Change Privacy settings for posted content
  • Change privacy settings for feeds

Add Content to Your Catalog

Patrons can add supplementary content to item records

Community Activity

  • Patrons can add comments, content notes, videos, and other kinds of additional content to item records

Create a List

  • Patrons can collect together items in lists
  • Items added to lists can be annotated
  • Lists created by staff accounts are differentiated by a staff icon by their avatar
  • Lists can be public or private, and can be shared

Add Tags

  • Tags are free text labels applied to library items
  • Tags can be used to filter search results and shelves
  • Broadened and keyword searches do not search tags

Search Community Generated Content

  • All shared content is searchable
  • Lists can have an audience, type, and language assigned when saved
  • Tags and Lists can be searched using the search box

Manage Your Borrowing

BiblioCore allows patrons easy access to tools to help them keep track of their borrowing

Current Checkouts

  • Presents current checkouts, holds, and other account information
  • Patrons can pause holds to ensure they are available when they need them

Borrowing History

  • Displays list of recently returned items


  • BiblioCore will display outstanding fees

Manage Your Collections

Patrons can save items to shelves to keep track of what they have borrowed or would like to borrow in the future.

Viewing Your Shelves

  • Patrons have three shelves: For Later, Ongoing, and Completed
  • Patrons can view their shelves under My Collections in their account information

Adding items to shelves

  • From their shelves, searches, or lists